Computer Services

Computer Services

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Computer Clean Up -  $49.99

Computer Clean Up - $49.99

Remove temporary files, unnecessary software, optimize startup and shutdown. Verify up-to-date and running at peak performance...


Data Recovery: Diagnostic  -   $49.99

Data Recovery: Diagnostic - $49.99

Drive diagnostic for $49.99, which will determine the integrity of your data and if recoverable. *Actual recovery cost will vary depending on the condition of the data...


Virus & Spyware Removal  -  $99.99

Virus & Spyware Removal - $99.99

Remove virus infection or spyware from computer...


Pair Device to WiFi Network  - $49.99

Pair Device to WiFi Network - $49.99

Let DISH specialists save you time and frustration by connecting two internet-ready devices to your existing wireless network (e.g., smartphone, tablet, computer, printer, gaming system). *Only available for purchase when ordering another service...


Set Up Additional Wires   - $99.99

Set Up Additional Wires - $99.99

Tired of living with the maze of tangled wires behind your home-entertainment center or anywhere else in your home? Our Technicians will unplug and untangle that mess of wires then neatly tie and reconnect them for a clean and orderly look.Installati..


Set Up Wireless Network   -  $99.99

Set Up Wireless Network - $99.99

Need a wireless network in your home? Let our expert technicians install, configure, and secure a new wireless router so you aren't confined by network cables. . A wireless network will give you the flexibility to use your mobile devices from the com..


Set Up Premium Wireless Network -  $149.99

Set Up Premium Wireless Network - $149.99

Our technician will install, configure and secure a new wireless router in your home to give you flexibility.  We'll also connect up to 4 wireless devices to the network including your smartphone, tablet, computer, printer or gaming system. ..


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