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Bluetooth BOOM Duo Speaker Wireless  -  $49.99

Bluetooth BOOM Duo Speaker Wireless - $49.99

Water-proof Bluetooth speaker built with a detachable tail, to be looped, twisted, and gripped for endless mounting options.  Attach to your side, handlebars on your bike, or the handle in your shower. Built-in microphone is speaker-phone r..


Bluetooth Headphones Wireless - $79.99

Bluetooth Headphones Wireless - $79.99

Bluetooth enabled.Built-in microphone to take phone calls and/or use as a gaming headset.Rechargeable lithium ion battery...


Bluetooth JOEY Adapter - $15.99

Bluetooth JOEY Adapter - $15.99

Enable Bluetooth functionality for your Joey’s with DISH’s exclusive Bluetooth adapter.Product HighlightsEnables Joey’s to work with Bluetooth devices including our Bluetooth headphonesAdapter works with the Joey’s USB portCompatible with Joey, Super..


Bluetooth MEGAJAM  Speaker Wireless -  $99 99

Bluetooth MEGAJAM Speaker Wireless - $99 99

The MegaJam portable Bluetooth speaker allows you to connect your Bluetooth compatible devices for crisp, resonating sound. With MegaJam, you can take your music on the go, or connect it to your Hopper to enhance the TV audio. With 2 mid range driver..


Bluetooth Rear Speakers Wireless - $199.99

Bluetooth Rear Speakers Wireless - $199.99

Upgrade your DSB1 Smart Bar with Rear Speakers. These full-range, wall-mountable speakers pair wirelessly to your existing Smart Bar providing high-performance, room-filling surround sound, that is sure to enhance your listening experience whether yo..


Bluetooth SmartBar Wireless  -  $199.99

Bluetooth SmartBar Wireless - $199.99

Upgrade your flat panel TVs small speakers with our exclusive Polk Audio Smart Bar. This full-range, wall-mountable Soundbar with optional wireless SmartWoofer provides high-performance, room filling sound that is sure to enhance your listening exper..


Bluetooth SmartWoofer Wireless  -  $199.99

Bluetooth SmartWoofer Wireless - $199.99

Upgrade your SmartBar with a wireless SmartWoofer that delivers a deep, rich bass whether you’re gaming, watching TV or listening to music.Wireless.Bluetooth enabled.Delivers immediate deep bass satisfaction...


Optical Cable  8ft. AUDIOQUEST   -  $39.99

Optical Cable 8ft. AUDIOQUEST - $39.99

Maximize the audio quality of your home entertainment system by upgrading to an Audio Quest optical cable.  ..


Optical Cable 12ft.   -  $12.99

Optical Cable 12ft. - $12.99

Optical cables give you the best sound quality possible for your audio devices including surround sound systems and sound bars. ..


Single Speaker Bracket  - $20.99

Single Speaker Bracket - $20.99

Complement your home-theater system with this durable, high quality, low-cost solution for installing your speakers on the wall or even on the ceiling.Product DetailsLow profile mount for wall / ceiling installationTilts in different directionsSwivel..


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