Networking you can afford.

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HOPPER Internet Connector  -  $10

HOPPER Internet Connector - $10

For Hopper/Joey Systems. Access thousands of online titles. Order PPV using your remote control. Connects all Hoppers and Joeys on a Whole Home DVR network using existing coaxial cable wiring in your home...


NETGEAR  Wifi Adapter   -  $25

NETGEAR Wifi Adapter - $25

Connects receivers  through your wireless router so you can access and order thousands of online titles, ensure critical receiver data is current, and access your account through your TV. ..


Sling Adapter  -  $20

Sling Adapter - $20

Get the Sling Adapter and you’re ready to watch your TV from anywhere. It’s the easiest way to watch your live or recorded shows on the go. Connect your Hopper, ViP® 722 or 722k HD DuoDVR® to high-speed Internet service and connect your Sling Ad..


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