DISH Anywhere®

DISH Anywhere®

DISH Anywhere®

DISH Anywhere allows you to instantly watch thousands of TV shows, movies, and clips on your computer or mobile device – all for free! Plus unlock even more content from the channels you subscribe to, including HBO, Starz, TNT, and more.

Watch Live TV

Live sporting events, weather, news, and more – with a broadband-connected, Sling-enabled DVR and DISH Anywhere, you can watch all of your favorite channels anywhere you go!

Watch Recorded TV

Access recorded shows from your broadband-connected, Sling-enabled DVR anywhere. You can even start watching on your TV and resume watching later on your computer or mobile device!

Watch On Demand

Watch great On Demand selections, including thousands of movies and TV shows, on the go.

Transfer Your DVR Recordings

Enjoy your favorite movies or shows on flights or keep your kids entertained during a long road trip – even when you’re offline! Transfer select DVR recordings from your broadband-connected Hopper with Sling to a tablet device with the DISH Anywhere app installed.

Get the Best Sports

Check the latest scores for all your games, find channel listings, set your favorite teams and tune to games anywhere.

Manage Your DVR

Browse through your program guide, filter content and set recordings on your broadband-connected, Sling-enabled DVR. Plus utilize integrated remote functionality to change the channel, volume, and more!

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HopperGO -  $99

HopperGO - $99

Watch DISH on your mobile device without taking up valuable storage space.     Holds up to 100 hours of recorded high definition content Connects up to five wireless devices Built-in battery that lasts for four hours and is easily rech..


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