An External Hard Drive for your DVR
HopperGO® Untethered Entertainment.

Take your shows everywhere with a pocket DVR
It doesn’t require an internet connection and it doesn’t use space or data on your mobile device. It does, however, fit in the palm of your hand, connect up to 5 devices and stream your recordings anywhere. Take it with you anywhere you go.

HopperGO: untether your entertainment.

Transfer your DVR recordings and take off

Taking your TV with you couldn’t be easier. Just download the DISH Anywhere® app on your mobile device and access your content anywhere. Simply connect the USB cable from the HopperGO to your DVR, complete some simple on-screen prompts, then transfer your movies and shows to your HopperGO.

Say goodbye to the "storage full" message.

The HopperGO doesn’t use any storage on your mobile device, so you’ll never have to delete pictures, texts, or apps to make room for your favorite shows.

On-the-go entertainment mobile hotspot.

Simply connect your mobile device to the HopperGO to watch all of your content. No internet dependency means no buffering and there’s no limit to where you can enjoy your entertainment.

Something for everyone at once.

Watch your programs on up to 5 mobile devices at a time. That means you can have 5 family members watching 5 different things on 5 different devices at the same time. High-five.

100 hours worth of entertainment.

With 100 hours of recordings storage, you can watch every episode of Game of Thrones while the kids watch every episode of The Lion Guard, and still have room to spare. The only question is, what will you watch next?

The power of battery-powered entertainment.

Don’t worry about finding an outlet or lugging around another power cord; the HopperGO has a 4-hour battery pack that can easily be recharged through any USB port

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